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Who We Are

Welcome! We are Tico’s Family Bakery and we’re so glad you’re here. The ovens at Tico’s Family Bakery fired up in 1939, with my grandmother, “Tico” at the helm.

Today, Amish bakers help us make (by hand) a variation of Tico’s recipes, tasting like they just came fresh from her very own oven.

Tico’s Whoopie Pies are handmade the old fashioned way, then packaged and shipped with the utmost care. These dense, moist, cake-like sandwiches are HUGE – nearly one-third of a pound.


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We offer four delicious, mouth-watering flavors year-round, as well as rotating seasonal options.


Red Velvet

Peanut Butter



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Wow! Amazing! Highly recommend! The red velvet blew me away! My dad is a huge red velvet fan and he thought it was some of the best red velvet he has ever had!

Alexandra Rice

Tico’s Whoopies make a tasty treat to send as a surprise to brighten someone’s day. Tico’s offers outstanding customer service in addition to their tasty treats.

Carolyn Orner

They were the best whoopie pies I ever had! I bought every flavor, and it would be hard to pick a favorite. They are huge in size and have the best filling I ever ate.
Wanda Miller